Making Life MORE

January 26, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

Our life continues in the daily activities. We walk, we meet to talk about the subjects that we realise are important to talk about, we go to the gym and take care of household and family. In the meanwhile I write, I make posts on socialmedia, we have meetings and we work. All the normal things in life. But in these normal activities there is always an Awareness of the fact that we give of ourselves to make Life MORE. We give of ourselves to make Consciousness expand and to raise Awareness in humanity. Why?

Because we realise that the Age of Aquarius is active now. And we choose to discover what it means to Live this Age and her Principles. We choose to make every day count in becoming aware, in being conscious about life itself and about ourselves. What do I add to life? What is the reason for being? Questions many people recognize. In finding answers on these questions, Consciousness expands and Life becomes MORE.

The fact that the Age is Aquarius now, is the MORE of Life. Because Life moves on. Life is in Motion. Entire Cosmos is Motion. We Live IN this Motion and our daily activities are present within this Motion, which makes Life MORE. We choose to consciously add to Life, to make her MORE. To make Future. To make Aquarius reality.

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