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November 30, 2021 by Maria van Rooijen

Hi everyone and welcome to our new website. Since February 2021 we have been working both spiritually and physically to launche this website. At first we created our company at the Chamber of Commerce on the beautiful date 21-02-2021, February 21st in 2021. This date has been chosen because it is a mirror date. When we contacted an astrologist later we discovered that this date gave us and the company a good impulse from Cosmos! In our Vision to tell about the Age of Aquarius and to write and publish books about this Age, we see the growth of humanity in consciousness. It seems the birthdate of Elijah's Seat is a perfect one for realising this goal.

It has been our joy to work on setting up the company, to create accounts in social media and to think about what we wanted to show on our website. In the months from February to December we have learned a great deal about ourselves and about the world we live in. We have come to see more clear what our specific tasks are in this company and we have realised we function in a society that will soon see our faces and the face of Elijah's Seat. We do this because we have a Vision and we believe in the principles and details of the Aquarian Constellation. We believe this Constellation is an inspiration for many to take steps in changing how we function, how we set up society, how we live in this world.

We hope to inspire many with the words we publish. We hope to honour the name of Elijah while doing so.

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