Truth and Healing in May

May 2, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

The month May has started. We choose to focus upon Truth and Wholeness or Healing this month. Which means we wish to elaborate on the concept of Truth to discover what Truth is. In the Aquairan Age Truth is the base for our lives and for our creativity. Creating from the base of Truth and realising that our base is IN Truth, manifests Wholeness as creation. When we are Aware and Conscious of the fact that we are rooted in Truth, that we Act and Create while anchored in Truth, we will realise that we are one with All. That we are Whole.

When Truth is the base for Life, all is in Truth embedded. This simple fact makes Whole and this simple fact IS Healing.

In May we will see more and more blossoming power in Nature. We will be witnesses of the blooming of flowers and of the intense green of the grass and leaves. We will experience the warmth of the sun that touches us more and more. May is a month to Awaken, as you see Nature Awaken. This year we may Awaken in Truth in the month May. We may get to know Truth and find the base of our lives. Because Aquarius isn't a far away future. Or a concept, dream or idea. Aquarius is Active today, Aquarius is present right now. Which means we can change our way of acting and thinking and believing. We can, because we are given this direction and motion by the Truth of Cosmos.

We are part of Cosmos. We live in Cosmos. Therefore we live in the right and in the power of Aquarius. And we can give to Aquarius, to the Constellation. We may find Truth of the reality that Aquarius is here and that it is up to us to change ourselves and welcome this Age and its Truthful principles.

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