Time is your friend

January 17, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

For 2 weeks we have been living in 2022. And how did we use our time? How did you use your time? The start of a NEW year is an Opportunity to change things. To change actions or behaviour, or a mindset. It is an Opportunity for growth, to discover more about Life. Every day we have time to discover, to explore, to ask questions. Do we use our days as an Opportunity? Can we see the concept of 'Time' as a gift? Or do we stress in all the things we need to do, in deadlines and promises.

The last two weeks we have been working on editing several books. We have used time to work on accomplishing these goals and we have used time to enjoy working together, as a team. We are grateful for the fact that we can function as a team, because we can support each other. We can help each other to keep our focus clear and straight. In times of sickness it is wonderful that another team member is able to keep the motion going. Time is given to us to enjoy living and working together. And to use it to learn.

While working together we share our thoughts and feelings. In meetings we always reflect upon ourselves and ask questions. Time is a tool to grow, if you choose so. We choose to grow together. In our interaction is growth and there are lessons to be learned by each and everyone of us. Practically, but also emotionally or mentally. We are blessed that we have the same goal as team, that we all choose to be honest towards ourselves and each other. Because this is the opportunity to grow and expand.

As a business we have a Vision. And while working, we apply the Vision in the time given to us. Because Living the Vision is the Opportunity that Time gives us. And Living the Vision, creates Life according to this Vision. So, we use Time to create, to expand, to welcome NEW and to materialise Word and Vision as daily life and actions. Only two weeks of 2022 have past, so we have plenty of Time for growth and expansion. We welcome Time! Will you welcome Time with us and seize the Opportunity of Life, of Time?

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