The world today

February 28, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

Today we live in anxiety and in HOPE. We all focus on the developments in Russia and Ukraine. But we are worried and at the same time we may have HOPE. Is it clear to us how the world of today, life of today, has become as it is? Do we see that we create our own history and therefore also our own future?

When we are worried or afraid, it is not easy to focus our attention on the fact that we create our Future. Our choices and actions matter! How we choose to cooperate at work, at home, effects the bigger picture of politics in the world. How we choose to act or what we choose to focus our attention on, effects the choices of others. At this moment, the attention of the world is on the situation in Ukraine and Russia. Which is good.

I hope that we can focus our attention on having ONE Goal as humanity. While we follow the situation or while we live in this situation. We may focus our attention on the fact that we are one race, Human RACE. A RACE with a Potential, with a Will that is used to form life. We may realise that our attention and Will can be given to the same purpose or destiny. The more we realise this, the more we create Future for the current Life we live.

As RACE we are Rooted on our planet, our home. We form countries, nations, unions. I hope we will give our Will to realise a home for all. We can realise ONE Will as Humanity. And we can give this Will in Freedom, to Unite nations and countries, to unite people. For Peace and MORE.

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