The Power of Pentecost

June 7, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

We have lived these last days in the influence of the Gift of Pentecost and on Sunday we celebrated the Power of Pentecost. For years I have been wondering what Pentecost truly is. What does it mean to feel a spirit? Or to be inspired? The Bible tells about the disciples of Jesus and how they felt Enlightened by the Presence of him or of a spirit.

These last days I have learned about Pentecost because we talked about it and wondered. Focusing my attention on this subject and doing this together with others, has given more insight and has given new experiences. What mostly touches me is the fact that Pentecost is a feast for men. Men are inspired in Power of Pentecost in their ability to give Direction. The Light of Pentecost inspires to Direct Light in the destiny of the Age we live in. This means that Pentecost inspires to direct Light within the Aquarian principles. When this is done, Aquarian form can be created by women. This is a process that is not (yet) clear to me, but I do hope to learn this someday.

Pentecost is a feast that started with Jesus. After his Resurrection and Ascension he was the creator of the Celebration of Pentecost. He showed that there is ONE Way for all to live and to follow. This ONE Way is enlightened by the Sun and Moon, by the truth of our earthly life. Our earthly life is destined because we live with a wish in our being. To enlighten this wish is the Purpose of Pentecost. To enlighten the Spirit within ourselves, is the Purpose of Pentecost. To enlighten the wish to direct that lives in men, is the Purpose of Pentecost. Which means Jesus created Pentecost to enlighten the wish to direct in his disciples who were male.

I can only guess why he did that. But I think he did this to encourage his disciples to live The Way that he showed them. A Way of destiny and a Way for All. In the Power of Pentecost we all recieve inspiration and empowerment. Whether we use it, is up to our will.

I realise as a woman that Pentecost is a Gift to all, even though I see that it is an enlightenment of the Directive Power in men. When men can direct Light in the allness of Life, I as woman can form this Light into Life that is for all and of all. Life that is Destined to be ONE.

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