Sunrise in March

March 2, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

A new month has started. This month we like to focus our attention on Gratitude. Being Grateful for what we have in Life, although we do not realise what we truly have, is important. If we can give our Actions from Gratitude, the world would be a different place. As a step towards peace, Gratitude may have our attention.

In Europe we are Free, we can speak our mind. We do not realise the Freedom we have or the peace that has been for so many years. We are not Grateful for the life we can live. Mostly, we take things for granted. We have healthcare, education, organised cities and villages, clean water to drink. So many things we should be Grateful for. When we would Act in daily life from Gratitude, we would meet each other and life itself in a new manner. We would look at life in a new way.

Can we realise making choices from Gratitude? Can we grow in awareness over the fact that our life is good because we are free to express ourselves? And then, can we be Grateful for this?

We will focus our attention on Gratitude and we use the entire month March to learn in this. To grow in awareness and become conscious in being Grateful.

I am Grateful for a team that does not only work, but also takes time to ponder and learn. We take time to use a month to learn about a specific detail or quality. This makes our team open, equal and free. And our work benefits from this. Our work becomes a joy. Everyday becomes meaningful.

The Sun rises in a NEW month, in March. A month to celebrate our Gratitude towards Life, Light and MORE.

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