August 15, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

While we have all been enjoying Summer and its activities, Life continues and we continue our lives. It is the season of holidays, of making trips and meeting people. Maybe even of making friends for life. While summer continues, the chaos in the world continues as well. Even though we may enjoy free days or time with family, nothing really changes in life. Would you use the summer season to make a change in life? To learn how to do this or how this is possible? It would certainly be a chance and a change to see Summer as an opportunity to make changes. Small and big.

Most people have holiday in summer and take time off to see the world or just to experience life without stress or work. That is the idea at least. When summer is over or when holiday is over, the same pattern as before starts again. The same rhythm, the same habits and the same routines. To come to the point of the next period of having some days off and feeling the need to relax, to release some stress and pressure from all daily activities and obligations. Is this the way we wish to live our lives? Or do we wish to make a change while we are working, planning, caring and having our daily activities.

I choose to find a way of learning in my daily activities and routines. To combine learning and living as a natural motion in life. Besides working and taking care of children and household, I meet my teacher everyday. We talk, discover and are honest about our experiences in life to find the deeper meaning and to come to the point of our Creativity. A point that can make changes and in which the inner wish can be heard and practiced. I strive every day again to live from this point, to live from the inner wish. Not just for myself, but for life in general.

Summer is a busy season for me and my teacher, for me and Mhura, the founders of this website and company. Because we run a camping, summer is our most busy season. Which is why it has been silent for a period. Nevertheless, even though the campsite asks our attention, we meet on daily basis to talk about life and the things we come across in our daily activities. Whether this is in private life or work based. Every day we have a foundation in which we learn and grow, because we have a drive to expand life and consciousness. Our choices have made this possible, a life in which learning and teaching is a daily activity. On free days and work days. While busy and while relaxing. Learning and teaching continues when life continues. In every season.

Enjoy your summer!

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