Spring is here

March 29, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

The weather starts to change and it is clear that spring is here. Our company is situated at a beautiful campingsite, which means we see the change in weather and in scenery. Trees start to blossom and the hedges start to grow little by little. Besides our work of publishing books we also work at the camping. When te season changes from winter to spring, we prepare the campingsite to open its doors again. This work requires a different focus and starts another movement in the body and mind. But still, we focus on our inner and choose to live our dream and inner wishes.

Because spring is here our focus is more easily drawn outwards. The motion of nature to blossom invites us to show ourselves and asks of us to be seen in the light of sun. Our goal this spring season and this campingsite season is to remain the inner drive to have our attention on the light. Which means we can work, but have our attention on the light within. Because the tasks at the campingsite are so different from our work in expansion of consciousness, we need a focus to continue this expansion. And meeting people and the change of settings and motions gives us a good playground to exercise this.

Spring is the season that shows that we live IN the light of sun. She shows us that sunlight makes life. It is wonderful to see nature blossom and it is as wonderful to start a new season at the camping. While writing and publishing, meditating and being focused on the balance of mind and heart. We look forward to a new season at the campingsite in which we express and exercise our spiritual focus. The campingsite is part of The Aquarian Circle, a cooperation of websites and companies with a focus on the Aquarian Age.

We look forward to the blossom of ourselves in spring and to the blossom of our qualities and of our company! We welcome you to visit us and to enjoy the beautiful and calming scenery where we live and work.

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