Tree of Life

Tree of Life is the expression of Crystal Origin in All of Life and is the ONE we all seek for.

Listen to the message of Eternal Life and Love and let the Orignal creation be the NEW expression of our world.


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This book explains the Oneness of Life in a new perspective. It touches the core of our existence and opens up a Crystal World given from the Origin of All of Life. To understand the Divine reality of Life and creation, it gives a message from the Origin. Teachings given show the ONE Reality of Love and make Way for Creation based upon Eternal Love.

Tree of Life is the Union of all Life in its very core, in its Origin. We all Live within the Original Love, the basic Truth in Tree of Life. This book tells about Love in a Divine Way, it gives an insight in the Elements of Nature and tells about Eternal Life created by Humanity.

A5 format, 120 pages

Published 2013

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