Direction from the Sun

The alignment of the planets in our Solar System.

Life from the planets is given and United in Direction from the Sun, which is the Deity of our Solar System.


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The planets of our Solar System all receive ONE Direction. This Direction comes from the Light of our Sun. All planets function in giving us ONE goal and in this goal for Life they all have their unique expression and quality.

Reading this book opens up awareness over the fact that our planet is connected with all planets in our Solar System. Which means we can receive the qualities of other planets while alive on planet Terra. The Order that Reigns in Solar System can be experienced and a new perspective upon the Solar System is given. This book Honours the Sun, our source of Light.

Sun, Mercury, Venus, Terra, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune have been given a voice in Direction from the Sun.

A5 format, 58 pages


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