Ascending Aquarius

The last part of a year brings a focus to the Ending, to the Sealed State of what is given in Beginning. At the same time the last part of a year builds Momentum of Light for the NEW Year to Start. This book is a collection of writings given in the last 3 months of 2019. 

Read about the Truth of Creativity, about the Wish in Human Being that will make Life MORE. And See that Life is more than Humanity.

 Reading this book, is starting to believe it can happen. Life IS changing, Life IS the Momentum of MORE Light.


Book type 

This book is a collection of writings written in the last months of 2019. These months are the focus to materialise the Light given in a year. Everything written shows the Principles of Aquarius, the Detailed facets of the Constellation of this Age.

2019 has given a Momentum of Aquarian Light to realise the Promise of 2020, which is to start with Eternalising Creation. Meaning that the physical Reality starts to change, to transform. The Beginning of this Transformation started years ago, when the first Impulses of the Aquarian Constellation started to rise with the Sunrise of every day. But to make it physical, to form the physical structures of the Aquarian Constellation, is the next step.

It has been a wonderful year and the Gift of Light is used to make ONE Active and Alive. Embrace the Momentum of Aquarius in 2019 and realise the Ascending Spiral of HOPE in the Aquarian Constellation.


A5 format, 87 pages

Published January 2020

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