Preparing for 2022

December 31, 2021 by Maria van Rooijen

The year is almost ending and we realise that a new year ahead of us gives opportunities. We feel grateful to the year that has been. It is the year in which our company started. We have learned new things, we have had new insights in Life. I wrote new books and published many articles. In fact we created The Aquarian Circle. This is a communion of websites and of activities that go together. Besides writing books, I publish articles on for example. And to receive more insight and to gain more understanding about Life, I and our team follow lessons at Aquarian Lighthouse. The wonderful thing here is that you can stay overnight, because there is a campingsite created for this purpose. This campingsite you find at

Four websites and activities, connected to function in creating Aquarius and to make Life Aquarian as the Communion possible in the Aquarian Age. We certainly enjoy the fact that we can function as a circle, in which our work and activities are so closely connected.

United we prepare for the year 2022. We see changes, opportunities and a way for growth and expansion. With this we mean growth of humanity and epxansion of consciousness and awareness. We will continue to follow our goal and we will give of ourselves to realise another year in which we serve life and life serves us. Let's welcome 2022!

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