November is all about Community

November 30, 2021 by Maria van Rooijen

This very month I am writing a new book about Communion and Community. November has 30 days to use for writing and to explore a NEW Detail and subject. It is always a Joy to connect to a Detail and to see what Inspiration is given in Words. The book that I am writing this month is inspired by Paul the Venetian and forms already the third book of a new series. This series will show the Detailed Reality of the Aquarian Age and makes it clear that Aquarius is the Age for Detailed Creation.

While working on this book I as well work on content before launching this website. The work done is also done in Community. With Mhura I see to it that the right content and message is given. Our webdesigner from Blauwe Nacht is always available for questions and changes. And with Esther and Christine added to the team of Elijah's Seat, I learn about making posts on Instagram and Facebook. Not only the writing is of importance, but also the photography. With these people we work as a team and you can say we function as a community in building this website. Each and everyone with its own Detail or expertise to make a beautiful website!

I learn from writing about Community that we meet Details in our daily life. But that Details are also present in Cosmos; in stars or planets. In Constellations! Which is why the Age of Aquarius is a NEW Age with a new gift to Humanity and our planet. One of these gifts is Community.

I am sure we will learn as humanity what this means and entails in our life, activities and creations.

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