Men and women

November 14, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

I am able to write books about the Aquarian Age because I have lived my life to learn. In learning I have expanded Consciousness and gained Awareness. I learn with the teacher in talking about everything I meet, we meet, in life. Over the years a group of people has gathered aroudn the teacher, all willing to learn how to live Aquarius and how to make the transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. But mostly, we wish to learn how we give to this process of change which is a change for all of life.

The entire team of Elijah's Seat learns and is willing to learn. Everyday. A topic that comes back again and again is men and women. We talk about the functioning and disfunctioning of relations in general and share about our own relations. We learn what it means to be a woman or what it means to be man. Again and again this is a topic that comes back. Simply because the base of our life as human being is mostly based upon the man-woman relationship.

As humanity we learn to live as men and women in this world. We learn how to behave, even if this behaviour comes from fear or is just an imprint from the past. We repeat what we see in generations before us, or we do not wish to be the same and start to function out of resistance to the old way. Which means our behaviour or the way we build a man-woman relation is not free either way. To free this, we are willing to talk, to open up our hearts and minds. A process that can be very delicate and sometimes very vulnerable.

But the bottomline is that we learn. That we choose to learn and free ourselves from ideas, fears, concepts, etc. It means to free our bodies, not only our consciousness. In freeing our bodies from imprints of fear or shame, the light of our inner can grow and expand. The light of the truth of a man or of a woman can only start to shine when we liberate ourselves from the current way of thinking and living.

I work everyday to liberate myself and life. I write everyday to spread my insights, to spread awaraness. I breathe everyday because I (and more with me) choose to create a free creation. A creation that is worthy of the Aquarian Imprints and Inspiration. I choose to learn how to live Aquarius, how to form Aquarius. How to make future Hopeful for all.

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