November 7, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

What does daily life look like for me? I thought it would be nice to write a bit about myself, one of the women behind this website and company.

First of all, I am a mother of two sons. Which means my days start with preparing breakfast table, preparing lunches for school and making sure everyone leaves the house in time to go to school. When the morning routine is done, the day truly begins for me. That is how it feels at least. Than I start with the things I do for me or for work. Which often also feels as something I do for me, something I enjoy doing and that gives me energy and inspiration.

Two or three times a week I walk in the mornings. Mhura organises walks and talks that I join, because it gives me inspiration and teaches me who I am, what Life is in the Aquarian Age and how we can create this Age. How we can create Life ordered and whole. These walks truly define a rhythm in my week schedule that I love. It feels good to have a rhythm and it feels so good to learn and to be inspired. After walking we enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and we talk more about the subject that we discussed during walking. It is a time with friends and it is an inspirational time at the same time. It teaches me truth and the interaction teaches me who I am.

When home, I start writing at my workspace at home. I write to express what is touched in me during walking. I write about what I envision as future for all and as creation of Aquarius. I write because it is my way of expressing myself and it is a gift to be able to do this. And it is my gift to the world as well. I started writing about 13 years ago, during the pregnancy of my oldest son. I have developed and I have grown.

After lunch the afternoon is for househould, picking up my youngest from school. And for coffee with Mhura and friends if possible. To share more about our thoughts, about our feelings. Always with the purpose to find truth, to find who we are as women. And to discover what life truly is about. Actually the day is always there to discover, to find new ways and insights.

I feel very blessed with the fact that I am able to do what I love to do. And with the fact that I live next door to Mhura. She is a teacher, a colleague, a friend, a neighbour, a business partner. I am happy with where I am now in life. I have two children, from two marriages. The road was bumpy I can say. But it was always inspirational and always a path of growth, because I choose that it is like this. I choose to be a woman and to serve life as a whole, while living a family life. And while learning in the daily confrontations and relations, the daily routines and obligations. But I can say my life is good. Because I do what I love to do and I am able to live and to give of my wish to this world.

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