Keep on moving

May 15, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

The world is in turmoil. So much going on that asks our attention. War, conflicts, climate change, etc. What can we do to give to Life? To change the world for the better.

The key is Motion. With all chaos going on, it is important to keep moving. Like a river brings us to our destination, our 'own' motion will bring us to ours. To the destiny of Humanity.

The entire Cosmos is Motion. It realises Expansion of this Cosmos. When we learn to move from our inner wishes, our inner desires, we can realise expansion. In our consciousness, in our way of thinking and believing and in our body. Motion of Cosmos gives us the perfect example and impulse to realise Motion within ourselves. And to act within this motion according to our true wish and faith.

The River Berkel streams alongside our company's place. It is a beauty and a reminder. It reminds us everyday of the Motion of Life, given in the Cosmic Motion of our planet around Sun. The river is a gift in reflecting the light of Sun so we are able to live in the Light and to awaken in our wish of inner. The motion within the river is an active stream that brings us further. When we are able to activate the stream of Will in us, the power of our human choices, we are able to bring motion in life and therefore to continue the path. In chaos, war or other catastrophes and changes.

To keep moving is the act of our Will. The act to choose. We need to choose our actions, our destiny and our way of living. Every moment in life is an opportunity to bring motion, the motion of life itself given in the rotating power of cosmos. Move with this Power and make a change in life.

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