January, month of HOPE

January 3, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

Every year we set a goal for the year ahead of us. We realise that a year is an opportunity for growth, for more understanding and for gaining wisdom. This is in business, at personal level and at a global level.

In the beginning of a NEW Year, I feel we need HOPE to continue our path, to motivate ourselves to have faith in a brighter world. As team of Elijah's Seat we work within a vision for the year 2022 and we realise this vision in the daily activities, such as emailing, administration work, writing, packing orders, attent meetings, etcetera.

Our wish for 2022 is to realise more freedom in how we apply our will in making choices, in creating our lives and the Life of all. This process needs some spiritual and bright input. Therefore we start the year with the 'Month of HOPE'. January will enlighten our path, our activities, to continue with both the practical and spiritual work. After all, we are part of creating Aquarius, a complete new way of living.

How can we create a new way of living when our qualities and mostly our WILL is imprisoned in old ways of thinking and acting? It is wrapped in structures of former generations and ideas. Our wish to create future, to make Life an Aquarian Expression, can only be fulfilled when our choices represent the Aquarian Principles. So, we will work on setting our WILL free. And with HOPE we are able to do so. Every day and every month again.

We will give of ourselves in every moment and in each day. To create Life of Aquarius, a HAPPY Life for All.

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