Do we know better?

September 8, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

May I tell you a secret? I discovered today that I have lived my entire life (allmost 43 years now) with the idea that I know better. And that this is litterally found in everything I meet or do! But most shocking to me was to realise that because of that, I am not taking part of the whole. When I think I know better, I exclude myself by creating inequality.

Which means I cannot experience I am part of Nature for example. I cannot experience that I am one with the Berkel river I swim in everyday. And this is a pity. We all long for oneness and wholeness, I am sure. By thinking we know better, we will never come to this experience or reality. And we will certainly never create the oneness or wholeness we long for.

I did not know the consequence of this hidden idea in my mind, my system. I was not conscious of this feeling and thought in my entire body even. Let alone the consequences of this. But the consequences are visible in the world. Chaos, war, drought, hunger, pandemic, etc. I think I know better and I create a world that is not connected with me because of that.

Does anyone recognize this? Do we all carry this secret? Which is not a secret anymore, because I see clearly now. And I experience the beginning of a whole new life. The Life of Aquarius wishes to be created. By me, by you, by us. I wish to form it. NEW and Fresh. Without knowing what this actually entails. Do you join me?

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