Creative Flow

December 7, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

What does that mean? Creative flow?

I think a lot of people think about the flow when you are creating a painting or when you are writing a book. And when the flow is less, you may consider if you have a writer's block.... Well, I do not have a writer's block, but my last post is a while ago. Not because I could not write, but because I am figuring out what 'Creative Flow' means. To me it means the flow of Light that moves within creation or within ourselves. This Light moves because a man can direct the light and I as a woman can reflect this Light. The Flow of Light exists when direction and reflection keep the Light alive by making her flow. By making form, by creating life.

Eternity is the endless flow of Light. The motion of Light that is continuously reflected because the Light is directed. There is a lot of Light to reflect as a woman. But the world seems chaotic, disordered and dark. The feast of the Light comes soon. There will be Hanukka, Lucia, Wintersolstice and Christmas. In all these celebrations the Light is celebrated. The Light that we as humanity can direct and can reflect. To form life bright and beautiful. Ordered and loving.

My wish in the last month of this year is that all of us human beings can learn what it means to realise a Creative Flow. To realise Life in which the Light is present and reigns. A world where we choose Light, where we form from our inner Light and Wish.

Do you celebrate the Light this month? Do you realise that this means to choose Light everyday? I am learning how to do this. And how to reflect the Light, because I am a woman and I may choose the Light for All.

Welcome in the Light of December. Let us create a flow of Light across the globe!

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