February 16, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

February 12 we celebrated our first year as a company. Elijah's Seat is born on February 12, 2021. One year later we have a beautiful website, we sold books and we posted on instagram and facebook. We exist!

Unfortunately, due to sickness from COVID-19 we could not celebrate this fact and I wasn't able to write a festive blog about it. Because I have been sick, I have been able to think a lot though. And I realised there are a lot of reasons to celebrate.

We may celebrate the fact that we have found what we wish to do most in our lives. Our team actually lives her dream. It gives us every reason to celebrate life, everyday. I was dreaming to live in a farm house, surrounded by nature and not by houses. I was dreaming of living close at natural swimming water, to be able to take a dip or swim everyday. I mostly hoped that I could live my life one day in the perfection of fulfilling my purpose. All my choices led me to where I am today. I am living my dream life, because I found my purpose in writing. I found my purpose in expanding the Light of Life with words. And I found my purpose in sharing life with like minded people, with like hearted people.

Besides that, I live close to the beautiful river Berkel that welcomes me every morning. I am surrounded by nature more than by houses. And I am surrounded by people who care for Life and for the fact that we all serve a purpose. Which means I have every reason to celebrate!

What is your reason to celebrate?

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