it has been a while since I wrote a post. Today is the last day of this year so I figured a post here is really needed. What has 2022 given me? What did I learn? What am I grateful for?

Looking back now, 2022 has been a year in which I experience that communion has grown in me. With this I mean that I feel closer to family and friends. I feel closer to the community around Elijah's Seat for example. I feel closer to family because pains of my past are healed and I do not need the assurance or approval from family members. It is ok to be me. I see my choices have given me the life I lead. And I Love this way of living!

I realise that I have gained awareness over myself and the fact that I choose in life. I make choices and I have a Will to do this. I have gained awareness over this Will and because of that I can appreciate the fact that I can choose! And I see that choosing creates life. For myself and for others, for all of life actually. It means I feel more part of the whole. I experience life as bigger or more than just me and my family or my closest friends. And this gives satisfaction, fulfilment. It makes me grateful for life.

I am grateful for 2022 because I have learned. I have get to know myself better. I have learned that I am willing to learn and willing to commune. I am willing to overcome, to heal and to meet NEW. And my will makes me able to do this. It realises freedom IN myself. Being grateful for 2022 is being grateful for the teachings I have received. And being grateful for the work I have done that does not feel as work, but as life.

I have lived in 2022. And I will continue to live MORE in 2023. I will continue to learn, to choose and to create. I will write and prophetise!

What does that mean? Creative flow?

I think a lot of people think about the flow when you are creating a painting or when you are writing a book. And when the flow is less, you may consider if you have a writer's block.... Well, I do not have a writer's block, but my last post is a while ago. Not because I could not write, but because I am figuring out what 'Creative Flow' means. To me it means the flow of Light that moves within creation or within ourselves. This Light moves because a man can direct the light and I as a woman can reflect this Light. The Flow of Light exists when direction and reflection keep the Light alive by making her flow. By making form, by creating life.

Eternity is the endless flow of Light. The motion of Light that is continuously reflected because the Light is directed. There is a lot of Light to reflect as a woman. But the world seems chaotic, disordered and dark. The feast of the Light comes soon. There will be Hanukka, Lucia, Wintersolstice and Christmas. In all these celebrations the Light is celebrated. The Light that we as humanity can direct and can reflect. To form life bright and beautiful. Ordered and loving.

My wish in the last month of this year is that all of us human beings can learn what it means to realise a Creative Flow. To realise Life in which the Light is present and reigns. A world where we choose Light, where we form from our inner Light and Wish.

Do you celebrate the Light this month? Do you realise that this means to choose Light everyday? I am learning how to do this. And how to reflect the Light, because I am a woman and I may choose the Light for All.

Welcome in the Light of December. Let us create a flow of Light across the globe!

I am able to write books about the Aquarian Age because I have lived my life to learn. In learning I have expanded Consciousness and gained Awareness. I learn with the teacher in talking about everything I meet, we meet, in life. Over the years a group of people has gathered aroudn the teacher, all willing to learn how to live Aquarius and how to make the transition from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. But mostly, we wish to learn how we give to this process of change which is a change for all of life.

The entire team of Elijah's Seat learns and is willing to learn. Everyday. A topic that comes back again and again is men and women. We talk about the functioning and disfunctioning of relations in general and share about our own relations. We learn what it means to be a woman or what it means to be man. Again and again this is a topic that comes back. Simply because the base of our life as human being is mostly based upon the man-woman relationship.

As humanity we learn to live as men and women in this world. We learn how to behave, even if this behaviour comes from fear or is just an imprint from the past. We repeat what we see in generations before us, or we do not wish to be the same and start to function out of resistance to the old way. Which means our behaviour or the way we build a man-woman relation is not free either way. To free this, we are willing to talk, to open up our hearts and minds. A process that can be very delicate and sometimes very vulnerable.

But the bottomline is that we learn. That we choose to learn and free ourselves from ideas, fears, concepts, etc. It means to free our bodies, not only our consciousness. In freeing our bodies from imprints of fear or shame, the light of our inner can grow and expand. The light of the truth of a man or of a woman can only start to shine when we liberate ourselves from the current way of thinking and living.

I work everyday to liberate myself and life. I write everyday to spread my insights, to spread awaraness. I breathe everyday because I (and more with me) choose to create a free creation. A creation that is worthy of the Aquarian Imprints and Inspiration. I choose to learn how to live Aquarius, how to form Aquarius. How to make future Hopeful for all.

What does daily life look like for me? I thought it would be nice to write a bit about myself, one of the women behind this website and company.

First of all, I am a mother of two sons. Which means my days start with preparing breakfast table, preparing lunches for school and making sure everyone leaves the house in time to go to school. When the morning routine is done, the day truly begins for me. That is how it feels at least. Than I start with the things I do for me or for work. Which often also feels as something I do for me, something I enjoy doing and that gives me energy and inspiration.

Two or three times a week I walk in the mornings. Mhura organises walks and talks that I join, because it gives me inspiration and teaches me who I am, what Life is in the Aquarian Age and how we can create this Age. How we can create Life ordered and whole. These walks truly define a rhythm in my week schedule that I love. It feels good to have a rhythm and it feels so good to learn and to be inspired. After walking we enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and we talk more about the subject that we discussed during walking. It is a time with friends and it is an inspirational time at the same time. It teaches me truth and the interaction teaches me who I am.

When home, I start writing at my workspace at home. I write to express what is touched in me during walking. I write about what I envision as future for all and as creation of Aquarius. I write because it is my way of expressing myself and it is a gift to be able to do this. And it is my gift to the world as well. I started writing about 13 years ago, during the pregnancy of my oldest son. I have developed and I have grown.

After lunch the afternoon is for househould, picking up my youngest from school. And for coffee with Mhura and friends if possible. To share more about our thoughts, about our feelings. Always with the purpose to find truth, to find who we are as women. And to discover what life truly is about. Actually the day is always there to discover, to find new ways and insights.

I feel very blessed with the fact that I am able to do what I love to do. And with the fact that I live next door to Mhura. She is a teacher, a colleague, a friend, a neighbour, a business partner. I am happy with where I am now in life. I have two children, from two marriages. The road was bumpy I can say. But it was always inspirational and always a path of growth, because I choose that it is like this. I choose to be a woman and to serve life as a whole, while living a family life. And while learning in the daily confrontations and relations, the daily routines and obligations. But I can say my life is good. Because I do what I love to do and I am able to live and to give of my wish to this world.

The reason we started this company is to spread awareness over the fact that the Age is Aquarius today. A new Age asks for new ways to live and invites us to change our concepts in our way of thinking and acting. And to become aware of the fact that we act and think based upon concepts. What does it mean when an Age changes in cosmos and therefore for our planet and ourselves? What does it mean to receive impulses from constellations even and how does that effect us?

This is a difficult concept that we may or may not believe. Practically it is visible that the Sun rises every morning in a sign of the zodiac. Practically it is visible that this changes over years. But it is not practically visible that a constellation, a zodiac sign, gives impulses to us and to the planet we live on. At least, that depends on what you look at.

Do you see that there is more and more chaos in the world? Do you see that there is more and more imbalance in nature? Do you think it is visible that more and more people are in pain, are suffering? In many ways. Because of hunger or because of war or suppression. What may be the reason for the fact that there is more chaos and more imbalance in different ways? I say this is because the Age has changed from Pisces to Aquarius. And if you see the confusement in humanity and in the world, those are the things that make it visible. It IS visible when you take a look at Life, that there is a new influence. And because of this new influence, we are confused.

What to believe or follow? The way we are taught to think, the way we are raised to act? Or can we follow the impulses that we receive from cosmos that show a new way of thinking and of living? It is not easy, especially not when we do not recognize that we are confused by the fact that we are influenced by a sign in cosmos. For a lot of people life is a struggle at the moment. In many ways.

We started this company to raise awareness. To raise awareness over the fact that today is Aquarius. And to raise Awareness over the Promise that this gives. The truth of a new age, a new zodiac sign that influences us, is that a new destiny is given to our life and to life as a whole. We publish books to spread awareness. We publish books to spread the vibration of Aquarius. The more this vibration or tone spreads, the more we have a chance as humanity to Awaken in the Aquarian impulses. In the Aquarian Living. The consequence will be that the confusement will gradually disappear. The more people are conscious of the fact that Aquarius reigns, the more the promise of Aquarius will start to resonate in us. Which means we have more and more opportunity to change life and the world into a place that is ordered, equal, free, true.

Everyday we live to raise our own awareness. Because we Live to spread Awareness in the mass consciousness. Spreading Awareness will graduallly enlighten the consciousness of humanity. Which gives rise to the promise of Aquarius. It gives rise to HOPE.

What does it mean to be creative? I think we usually mean with creativity that we are able to paint or to make handcrafted things from wood or clay. It means we do not see everyone as a creative human being. Only the ones who have a so called 'creative job' are the creative ones. In truth, we all are Creative, because we are Human Beings. A human being is a creative being, able to form life and to define what life looks like. Into the very details I think. More than we realise.

It is of importance to be conscious about ourselves as human being. It is of importance to be aware of our creative power. Our creative power makes the world live as she lives. Our creative power forms life as it currently is. Are we happy with what we see? Are we satisfied with the world, with our lives?

What can we do to make a change? What can we change in our way of living, of expressing ourselves. What can we change in our creative power? For me it is important to become aware of the fact that I add something to the world. I give to Life. For me it is of importance to learn about life and about who I am in life, to become conscious of the expression I give. Which means to become conscious of what I create. Or first and foremost, of the fact that I have Creative Power.

In the years of writing books I have been able to literally see that I created a book. That I had given words on paper. Which means it is visible I have created something. In these years I have become more and more aware of the creative power of being human. And of being human in itself. The more I see what I give and create with writing, the more meaningful life becomes for me. And the more joyful it is. Lately I am also focused on making pictures. I love to make pictures of nature, of landscapes. And in this process I also become aware of the fac that I create. And that the images and words can go together as a hamonious whole.

The pictures with the blogs, are made by myself. I enjoy this new activity in my ability, because I realise it is a way to express myself. A way to value life and what I see around me. Being human is being creative. To express ourselves and to make our wish alive as Creation.

Today is my birthday. I am 43 today. I have celebrated with close friends and some family. It was a good day, a wonderful day. I started with a walk in nature. During tea and coffee I was celebrated and got a lot of presents. I have truly enjoyed it and feel happy and grateful.

What does it mean to have your birthday? To celebrate the right of your birth? I learn in the teachings that I add something to Life, to the whole of life. Which means the fact that I exist makes a different in the world. And I surely believe this is true. The fact I post something on the internet, is adding something to the web. Which means it is not the same than it would be without me.

The question of my life has been, what do I add? What is the reason of my existence? I cannot say I have a complete answer on that question. And I do not need to have that, because I am only 43 years young ;). There are many years to come and to discover myself. But, I definitely have more of a feeling, experience and idea of what I add to Life. And of my reason for being. First, I am here to learn. And I love that! Secondly, I am here to create. And I create with the Word specifically. It is my Joy, my drive, my Love and my way of expressing myself.

So, I write on my birthday. I bring forth an Expresion of myself. To tell the world I am here. To tell Life I am Grateful for my Existence and to tell Nature I am Present and that I Love to Unite with it.

I am here! Are you here with me?

Mhura and I, together with the entire team here at Elijah's Seat, came home today from a trip to Iceland. It has been a wonderful trip, especially to meet the Elements of Nature. In Iceland the experience of Water, Air, Fire and Earth is different than when we are in the Netherlands. For us, when we are home. Every Element in Iceland feels more alive and is more powerful and more present. Which means it gives great opportunity to meet with the Elements of Nature and to get to know them.

Getting to know the Elements of Nature is needed. Because they are the building blocks that we use to create. They are the building blocks we use to create HOME. I mean this very litterally, when we build a house. But also when we create/build our body. Our body is our home, or at least this may be so. Our body may be the expression or form of our INNER Being and Wish, realising that we are home on planet Terra and IN ourselves.

What does home mean? What does it mean to be home? To me it means that I am connected with my CORE, with the innermost inner of myself. Living from this inner, makes me feel at home in the CORE of my existence. I can act from CORE in every act I choose to give. Which means writing, talking, parenting, managing, cleaning, etcetera. Every Act I give, can be an act from within and with this I create the outer circumstances and reality as a home for myself. And for all. Because when I express from CORE, I express from the CORE of every Human Being. We all Live from this CORE, from an inner Reality that is Active in us and with which we are connected.

It is up to us to connect consciously and aware to our CORE, to the reason for Being Human. It is possible to learn to connect and to explore this and expand this. The reason I write books, is to touch
consciousness and awareness so Humanity may learn and can realise that we are able to live from CORE. That we are living from a wish that lives IN us. IN this wish, I feel home. And from this wish I long to create the world, Life. A longing that I respond to everyday.

Iceland touched me in my Nature, in my CORE. Iceland awakened my consciousness to realise Nature in myself. The Nature of motion in me, the Nature of living from within. I (and we) have a lot to learn, but it is possible to learn to live from our INNER and to create a home for all while we express our innermost reality.

Equinox has passed. Which means Autumn has started. A season in which I can focus more again on selling books, writing books, advertising on social media, etcetera. Because I work at camping Domein Groot Besselink in the summer season, I have less time to make content for social media in summer. Although writing itself always continues. Now Autumn has come and the weather is surely changing, it is good to work at my desk and write books, daily inspirations, or social media content.

I honestly look forward to the last period of this year. It feels good and nice to focus more upon the work I truly love. But, first I will make a trip to Iceland to visit the north of our planet. And to be inspired by this environment and energy. Really looking forward to it!

Simply said, Autumn is a season of activities that come from within. Autumn will be a season in which we work and meet in a different setting to produce books and to inspire others. A Season to contemplate our goals and to find ways to accomplish them. And to realise that we maybe can change ideas or our behaviour or perception. So we meet Life in a new way.

I will give of myself in Autumn, to receive what Autumn gives to me. Let's all receive the Light of Autumn and all of her Beauty! I wish you a good season.

May I tell you a secret? I discovered today that I have lived my entire life (allmost 43 years now) with the idea that I know better. And that this is litterally found in everything I meet or do! But most shocking to me was to realise that because of that, I am not taking part of the whole. When I think I know better, I exclude myself by creating inequality.

Which means I cannot experience I am part of Nature for example. I cannot experience that I am one with the Berkel river I swim in everyday. And this is a pity. We all long for oneness and wholeness, I am sure. By thinking we know better, we will never come to this experience or reality. And we will certainly never create the oneness or wholeness we long for.

I did not know the consequence of this hidden idea in my mind, my system. I was not conscious of this feeling and thought in my entire body even. Let alone the consequences of this. But the consequences are visible in the world. Chaos, war, drought, hunger, pandemic, etc. I think I know better and I create a world that is not connected with me because of that.

Does anyone recognize this? Do we all carry this secret? Which is not a secret anymore, because I see clearly now. And I experience the beginning of a whole new life. The Life of Aquarius wishes to be created. By me, by you, by us. I wish to form it. NEW and Fresh. Without knowing what this actually entails. Do you join me?

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