Birth Right

October 15, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

Today is my birthday. I am 43 today. I have celebrated with close friends and some family. It was a good day, a wonderful day. I started with a walk in nature. During tea and coffee I was celebrated and got a lot of presents. I have truly enjoyed it and feel happy and grateful.

What does it mean to have your birthday? To celebrate the right of your birth? I learn in the teachings that I add something to Life, to the whole of life. Which means the fact that I exist makes a different in the world. And I surely believe this is true. The fact I post something on the internet, is adding something to the web. Which means it is not the same than it would be without me.

The question of my life has been, what do I add? What is the reason of my existence? I cannot say I have a complete answer on that question. And I do not need to have that, because I am only 43 years young ;). There are many years to come and to discover myself. But, I definitely have more of a feeling, experience and idea of what I add to Life. And of my reason for being. First, I am here to learn. And I love that! Secondly, I am here to create. And I create with the Word specifically. It is my Joy, my drive, my Love and my way of expressing myself.

So, I write on my birthday. I bring forth an Expresion of myself. To tell the world I am here. To tell Life I am Grateful for my Existence and to tell Nature I am Present and that I Love to Unite with it.

I am here! Are you here with me?

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