Being Creative

October 21, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

What does it mean to be creative? I think we usually mean with creativity that we are able to paint or to make handcrafted things from wood or clay. It means we do not see everyone as a creative human being. Only the ones who have a so called 'creative job' are the creative ones. In truth, we all are Creative, because we are Human Beings. A human being is a creative being, able to form life and to define what life looks like. Into the very details I think. More than we realise.

It is of importance to be conscious about ourselves as human being. It is of importance to be aware of our creative power. Our creative power makes the world live as she lives. Our creative power forms life as it currently is. Are we happy with what we see? Are we satisfied with the world, with our lives?

What can we do to make a change? What can we change in our way of living, of expressing ourselves. What can we change in our creative power? For me it is important to become aware of the fact that I add something to the world. I give to Life. For me it is of importance to learn about life and about who I am in life, to become conscious of the expression I give. Which means to become conscious of what I create. Or first and foremost, of the fact that I have Creative Power.

In the years of writing books I have been able to literally see that I created a book. That I had given words on paper. Which means it is visible I have created something. In these years I have become more and more aware of the creative power of being human. And of being human in itself. The more I see what I give and create with writing, the more meaningful life becomes for me. And the more joyful it is. Lately I am also focused on making pictures. I love to make pictures of nature, of landscapes. And in this process I also become aware of the fac that I create. And that the images and words can go together as a hamonious whole.

The pictures with the blogs, are made by myself. I enjoy this new activity in my ability, because I realise it is a way to express myself. A way to value life and what I see around me. Being human is being creative. To express ourselves and to make our wish alive as Creation.

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