November 1, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

The reason we started this company is to spread awareness over the fact that the Age is Aquarius today. A new Age asks for new ways to live and invites us to change our concepts in our way of thinking and acting. And to become aware of the fact that we act and think based upon concepts. What does it mean when an Age changes in cosmos and therefore for our planet and ourselves? What does it mean to receive impulses from constellations even and how does that effect us?

This is a difficult concept that we may or may not believe. Practically it is visible that the Sun rises every morning in a sign of the zodiac. Practically it is visible that this changes over years. But it is not practically visible that a constellation, a zodiac sign, gives impulses to us and to the planet we live on. At least, that depends on what you look at.

Do you see that there is more and more chaos in the world? Do you see that there is more and more imbalance in nature? Do you think it is visible that more and more people are in pain, are suffering? In many ways. Because of hunger or because of war or suppression. What may be the reason for the fact that there is more chaos and more imbalance in different ways? I say this is because the Age has changed from Pisces to Aquarius. And if you see the confusement in humanity and in the world, those are the things that make it visible. It IS visible when you take a look at Life, that there is a new influence. And because of this new influence, we are confused.

What to believe or follow? The way we are taught to think, the way we are raised to act? Or can we follow the impulses that we receive from cosmos that show a new way of thinking and of living? It is not easy, especially not when we do not recognize that we are confused by the fact that we are influenced by a sign in cosmos. For a lot of people life is a struggle at the moment. In many ways.

We started this company to raise awareness. To raise awareness over the fact that today is Aquarius. And to raise Awareness over the Promise that this gives. The truth of a new age, a new zodiac sign that influences us, is that a new destiny is given to our life and to life as a whole. We publish books to spread awareness. We publish books to spread the vibration of Aquarius. The more this vibration or tone spreads, the more we have a chance as humanity to Awaken in the Aquarian impulses. In the Aquarian Living. The consequence will be that the confusement will gradually disappear. The more people are conscious of the fact that Aquarius reigns, the more the promise of Aquarius will start to resonate in us. Which means we have more and more opportunity to change life and the world into a place that is ordered, equal, free, true.

Everyday we live to raise our own awareness. Because we Live to spread Awareness in the mass consciousness. Spreading Awareness will graduallly enlighten the consciousness of humanity. Which gives rise to the promise of Aquarius. It gives rise to HOPE.

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