September 26, 2022 by Maria van Rooijen

Equinox has passed. Which means Autumn has started. A season in which I can focus more again on selling books, writing books, advertising on social media, etcetera. Because I work at camping Domein Groot Besselink in the summer season, I have less time to make content for social media in summer. Although writing itself always continues. Now Autumn has come and the weather is surely changing, it is good to work at my desk and write books, daily inspirations, or social media content.

I honestly look forward to the last period of this year. It feels good and nice to focus more upon the work I truly love. But, first I will make a trip to Iceland to visit the north of our planet. And to be inspired by this environment and energy. Really looking forward to it!

Simply said, Autumn is a season of activities that come from within. Autumn will be a season in which we work and meet in a different setting to produce books and to inspire others. A Season to contemplate our goals and to find ways to accomplish them. And to realise that we maybe can change ideas or our behaviour or perception. So we meet Life in a new way.

I will give of myself in Autumn, to receive what Autumn gives to me. Let's all receive the Light of Autumn and all of her Beauty! I wish you a good season.

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